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- Packing Lists Envelopes and Pouch with Glues
- Security Bags, Tamper Evident Packaging and   Tamper Evident Bags for the security   companies and Banks.
- Bulk Coin Bags for the Courier Service   Companies
- Medical Disposable Bags Manufacturing
- Ziplock Bags Manufacturing
- Ziplock Plastic Bags
- T-shirt Shopping Bags
- Courier Bags
- Plastic containers Wholesale, and packaging
- Plastic packaging for Pharmaceutical, Hospital,   Laboratory

  Wanpow is a premier manufacturer of tamper evident bags. We carry a wide range of tamper evident bags for secure handling of valuable items. We make it easy to protect evidence in tamper evident plastic bags. Our tamper evident bags are designed with the most advanced technology for security applications.     We offer plastic shopping bags with customized printing in various designs, sizes and colors. All our shopping bags are manufactured for quality and design. We are proud to produce shopping bags that embody your brand and speak for your products.  
  We manufacture top quality ziplock plastic bags in a variety of widths, lengths, and thickness. We supply various printed and resealable ziplock plastic bags. We offer wide selection of ziplock bags bags for packaging and shipping.     We carry a large selection of plastic containers such as pill bottles, pill box, pill organizers. The plastic containers come in different sizes to complement usage with different products.  
Welcome to Wanpow Plastic Industries

Wanpow Plastic Industries Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in the year 2002 in Malaysia. The company has over 25 years of experience in manufacturing comprehensive product range covering various tamper evident plastic bags and plastic containers including tamper evident bags, tamper evident packaging, ziplock plastic bags, security bags, medical disposable bags, courier bags, and plastic containers. We specialize in tamper evidence bags/ packaging for maximum security in delivery/ shipment of confidential materials. Rest assured that your products will reach to destination safely with high definition barcodes and tracking system.

Security Tamper-Evident Bag is a clear plastic bag specifically designed to carry liquid forms or confidential materials. It is widely used in the European region's selected airports. These tamper evident packaging is used to provide solution without compromising on security issues (restrict size and volume of liquids aerosols and gels that can be brought on board). In Malaysia, Wanpow manufactures and supplies security tamper-evident bags for industrial and commercial uses. These bags are designed for maximum security, so that your products will not be stolen. We also offer similar bags for medical institutions and hospital for dispose purposes. We only manufacture and supply the best bags in Malaysia.

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