Why Use Plastic Courier Bags For All Your Parcel Needs?

Many people assume that plastic courier bags are generally harmful for the environment. Nowadays, this may not be always true. Environment is at the minimum risk with the new varieties of plastic bags offering more convenience to both nature and the human beings. Plastic courier bags are one of the most useful plastic products people have ever used. You can easily rely on them when mailing important items from one destination to another. They can be durable and light-weight, making them perfect for carrying stuff like books, clothes and letters and boxes.

The waterproof nature of these bags keeps the products inside them safe and secure. This means, they keep moisture from seeping in and damaging the content. Furthermore, some plastic courier bags come with an adhesive flap to seal, making the products inside safe and tamper proof.

Plastic courier bags are offered in different sizes and colors, based on the type of item you intend to mail. Many courier companies buy these bags in bulk and use them as their major carrier of goods. If you are among those who consider plastic to be harmful to the environment and human health, here are some of the reasons why plastic courier bags don't deserve to have these wrongful judgments.

Most of the Plastics Courier Bags Used Today are Recyclable

The plastic material that Wanpow used in courier bags is LDPE, which is 100% recyclable. Recycling options vary by countries, local authorities orlocations. Wanpow advocates reuse, reduce, and recycle(3R).

Plastic is More Environment Friendly than Paper

Many people believe that paper bags are more environment friendly than their plastic counterparts. The fact remains that manufacturing paper bags needs thousands of trees to be cut down. Most of the people do not know a thing about paper recycling and tend to dispose the paper leading to decomposition. This makes paper recycling not so feasible in present times

According to the USA Environment Protection Agency (EPA), manufacturing plastics use 40% less energy and generate 80% less solid waste compared to paper. Compared to the paper, plastic takes 91% less energy to recycle, according to the EPA.

Moreover, unlike paper bags, plastics are resistant to rains. Paper bags tend to fail when you need to transport goods that are generally wet in nature. You may not rely on them to hold for products like fishes and other seafood.

Using Plastic Bags is the Only Option when it Comes to Transporting Valuables

People dealing in gems and jewelry buy tamper proof plastic bags in high quantities as they can rely on the support and safety they provide. Pharmaceutical industries too depend upon the use of plastic bags to keep their medicines from getting adulterated during delivery and transportation. The need for safe transportation of valuables and important documents through courier is the main reason behind the huge popularity of plastic courier bags.

It can clearly be seen that there are more good things about plastic courier bags than bad. Using plastic bags can easily be environment friendly if right waste recycling and management procedures are followed. Being responsible as a human being will help us make best use of plastics without compromising the planet.