What are Tamper Evident Bags?

Tamper-evident bags are security bags that are highly tamper evident and can be used for transporting confidential items or highly sensitive products. Initially they were designed back in the 1980s for safety. The initial designs are commonly found in transparent films/ plastics. These are made in a way that prevents any sort of direct contact with the product during transportation.

Tamper evident bags have their advantages due to their tampered properties offered. The evidence is visible on seal. The tape used in sealing provides resistant to temperature and protection for damages. At later stages, it is used for commercial needs most often for postal and industrial services. People are often well informed on products tampered into the package. The bag itself is sealed perfectly with a void tape. This is particularly a system designed to avoid tampering by other parties. The use of these bags quickly gained popularity because it ensures products would be delivered in the safest state possible.

In general, tamper evident bags is the safest choice that can be transport when it concerns sensitive materials. The introduction of tamper evident bags helped in reducing theft rates during transportations.

At Wanpow we offer tamper evident security solutions to safe guard your products against attempted tamper attacks. We use the most sophisticated technology by securing with single-trip polythene security with closure seals. On top of that, bags could be printed with high resolution barcodes for tracking purposes. Tamper evident bags are recommended when products involve high risk such as cash, cheques, bond certificates etc. Our bags are designed to provide highest security level possible, which meets standards of police forces around the world I gathering evidence. These would be the ideal choice for people who wish to send highly confidential materials.