Why Must We Use Tamper Evident Bags?

The following article explains why certain industries must use tamper evident bags and what they are used for. These bags come handy often especially if you work as a criminal investigation officer. So let's dig deeper, and look at the uses of tamper evident bags besides industrial and commercial practices.

First of all, the introduction of tamper evident packaging in criminal investigation is used to preserve evidence. These evidences are submitted as exhibits in court. Securing and protecting the items/ evidence from suspects to preserve the "evidence value" for further investigation. The same theory applies to commercial usages, where postage companies are trying to preserve the product value during deliveries.

As far as the protection tamper evident bags offer, there are of course rules for using these packaging (in criminal investigations). The authorities have to make sure they are used to safely transport or delivered in a controlled way. These bags cannot be opened by any means during the delivery process. Make sure the items kept to use as evidence keep their integrity (reliability), as they are sealed with a special adhesive that displays the word 'void' if it is tampered with. It is important you make sure as far as possible any bags you use for exhibiting items are free from possible contamination. You must follow the procedures your team has put in place for:

  • Storing and handling all bags to be used for property or exhibits properly, and
  • Recording the unique reference numbers of all TEBs to make sure you maintain a chain of evidence

These methods are then of course used widely in commercial postages and industrial uses, making sure the items/ products we posted will reach safely without any intrusions or attempted thefts.